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The HyperCube Institute is an independent French endowment fund (fonds de dotation) which supports French and foreign research entities to benefit freely from a technical assistance by the Institute's team of scientists as well as from the Institute's in-house solutions. The purpose of the fund is to participate in public interest research projects in the field of rare diseases, orphan diseases and public health matters in partnership with top-tier institutions. Your donation is our strength!

> Your donation to the HyperCube Institute may be deductible from your Income Tax in France



More ways to support us

Donate an asset (in your lifetime)

Any asset or object of value, sum of money... You will need to get in touch with your notary

Leave a legacy

Leaving a legacy in your testament will allow you to donate part or all of your assets. You will need to get in touch with your notary

Life insurance contract

You may subscribe to a life insurance policy and name the HyperCube Institute as the beneficiary. Upon activation of the policy, the capitalized amount will be transferred to the HyperCube Institute net of any inheritance tax

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Make the Best Impact

  • Get involved on the #1 issue for French people (Domplus BVA 2015*): Health
  • Benefit from increased media exposure, reputation and brand image by endorsing the HyperCube Institute's reputation for scientific research
  • Take part in events (scientific conferences, tradeshows, Meetups between partners…) with the Institute and its partners
  • Make a social contribution that benefits research dedicated to serious and rare pathologies for which research often lacks adequate funding

Financing scientific excellence

  • 3-years thesis scholarships for a specific medical research project
  • 3-years thesis scholarships in the field of Artificial Intelligence to allow time for methodological excellence
  • Programs for post-doctorate graduates back in France and joining the IHC research team (2-3 years programs)
  • Programs for foreign researchers (6 months – 1 year) joining the IHC team to enhance the sharing of knowledge and best practices with international teams

Enhancing research results exposure

  • Sustainable long-term partnerships by securing Intellectual Property
  • Industrialization of data processing solutions created by IHC researchers and implementation within partner programs
  • Involvement of IHC scientists and developers in scientific congresses in order to enhance the institute's exposure and awareness and scientific watch
  • Communication with the broader public: Rare and orphan diseases awareness campaigns through all available media channels

Financing research execution and development

  • Infrastructure BigData for research projects
  • Help us look for new partnerships
  • Adding new skills to the Institute team

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